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What is coaching?

We all know about a lot of things in life but we may not be aware that we do or have the time to do something about it. A good coach provides insights by asking the right question about what we know in order to draw this information out from our subconscious into the open.
By being asked the right questions, the client discovers not only the answers but also realizes that s/he already knew them.
By bringing certain details, memories, feelings to the surface, a change can be brought about. And that results in a brief, liberating, positive sense of relief. Everything falls into place.
In such a process, professional accompaniment is vital. We have the professional background and experience, and can, together with you, begin this important process.


- Success in business is a combination of

Why coaching towards SELF REALIZATION?

We accompany individuals and/or business managers in the processes of change that are necessary in order to achieve a happier life and/or to be able transact business better. This coaching is available to individuals with different backgrounds, whether or not in a professional context.
We place the emphasis on self realization through change. The process that leads to the changes happens under our guidance but it is you who brings it about. That realization is necessary to arrive at the changes.

Why individual coaching?

For whom?

For everyone who wants to work under the personal guidance of a professional coach on his/her development, growth or personal problems. For everyone, who has enormous challenges before them, wants to improve his/her skills or recover from a burn-out, trauma, convictions, etc. For everyone who is bogged down and not achieving his/her goals.

Your coach

Kathleen Callewaert is a certified coach, offering Personal & Single coaching, and business coaching, and whose professionalism, integrity and quality are at a very high level.

How much does it cost?

Our prices for individual coaching, telecoaching, E-coaching and on-site coaching are competitive. Prices available on request for individuals and businesses.

Telephone advice & Coaching: 0903/ 53 400

In the event that you have an urgent question or problem, you can reach me at the above number during office hours. In case of absence, please try again.