General Conditions

Article 1: Validity

These general conditions apply to all services provided by “Perfect Man/Woman/ Celebrity”. Any departures from these conditions can only be agreed by way of special conditions, agreed beforehand and in writing. The present conditions shall always prevail over any general conditions of our co-contracting partner. By acceptance of an offer, service or carrying out of a mission, the co-contracting party expressly accepts the present general conditions without exception. Moreover, every offer by “Perfect Man/Woman/ Celebrity”, in whatever form, standard or personalized, is binding on “Perfect Man/Woman/ Celebrity” only after it has been accepted in writing by the order by “Perfect Man/Woman/ Celebrity”.

Article 2: Principle of quality

In choosing “Perfect Man/Woman/ Celebrity”, you are opting for personal treatment, class, discretion and trust.
“Perfect Man/Woman/ Celebrity” works only with a select public that meets the conditions set down by us.
“Perfect Man/Woman/ Celebrity” applies various quality procedures to ensure that the results meet the expectations of the client and, where possible, exceed them. Client satisfaction is very high.

Article 3: Client's obligations

The client commits him/herself to cooperating with the service provided by the office. The client commits him/herself to acting correctly vis-à-vis the office, towards other clients of the office and towards the individuals proposed. “Perfect Man/Woman/ Celebrity” cannot be held responsible on any grounds. The client may not disclose any information about members or companions to any third party whatsoever. The client states that s/he is of legal age.

Article 4: Force majeure

In the event that a “Perfect Man/Woman/ Celebrity” cannot be present due to force majeure, “Perfect Man/Woman/ Celebrity” will, in close cooperation with the client, strive to find a suitable alternative person.

In the event that force majeure prevents the service from being carried out or makes it extremely difficult to carry out, “Perfect Man/Woman/ Celebrity” has the right to adjust the circumstances, or to break the contract. “Force majeure” in these conditions is understood to include: any circumstances or event beyond the control of “Perfect Man/Woman/ Celebrity”, which prevents an obligation from being fulfilled in whole or part, on the basis of which the fulfilment cannot reasonably be sought or insisted upon. The co-contracting party expressly waives any right to compensation.

Article 5: Additional provisions

Despite its best possible efforts, “Perfect Man/Woman/ Celebrity” cannot be held responsible for the members/companions. The members/companions are independent in a legal sense of the word and do not fall within the responsibility of “Perfect Man/Woman/ Celebrity”.

Article 6: Price and payment conditions

The rates shall be agreed together and paid prior to the services taking place.

In the event that the accompaniment lasts longer than the period foreseen, every additional hour will be billed to the client. The rates for additional hours vary according to the Silver/Gold/Platinum - package.

Apart from the agreed rates, all of the costs during the period of accompaniment are to be paid by the client. Among others: Accommodation expenses, parking fees, car rental, refreshments, entrance fees, dining costs, tips, airline tickets, hotel overnights, etc.