Frquent Asked Questions

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Who does it appeal to your selection agency?

Each lady / Mr can use our selection agency. Whether you are single or a busy partner (businessman, politician, driver ,...), each lady / Mr is welcome.

WHy would I choose to hire "Tailormade Man"?

You do not have a wife / husband / partner who can assist. Your partner is busy. Because you during your conversation with your client or colleague (female / male) would not be a threat to his partner (female / male). Because you are fun and / or safety is not only way to go. Because the chicken behavior of women / men who are tired assume you are single. Because you're tired of people ask when you are finally the right woman / man will come. Because you do not want to free up time to find the perfect partner.

How about discretion?

We understand your privacy and works extremely discreet and take into account your personal situation. Your information will only be used by "soul2soul and not to third parties.

I want you a single woman / man to select me, is this possible?

Yes. Tailormade Man takes into account all your wishes!