What doe Tailormade Women offer?

My goal is to make sure men experience an enjoyable, relaxing day and/or evening in the company of a top-class woman chosen with care, to whom you have no obligations afterwards. ‘The Perfect Woman (for you)’ only exists to make your life easier and more entertaining… You can compare us to a service such as a real estate agency when you want to purchase a new house, or a (temporary) employment agency when you ‘re looking for a suitable new employee. We all recognize it: we have a busy schedule, so where and when do we meet those genial women who can make a particular evening just a shade more fun? Well now, our company makes sure you are accompanied by 'the right woman in the right place’ who meets your criteria, whether it is for ‘a professional occasion’ or ‘just for fun’. We select highly educated women for you who enjoy accompanying gentlemen and who, thanks to their professionalism, know how to adapt to every possible situation. The ‘Perfect Women’ in our ample database are successful at their jobs, representative, fashion-conscious, worldly-wise, highly educated and they perfectly know how to adapt to all possible circumstances owing to their class, empathy and social skills. Do you want to be accompanied by a ‘perfect woman’ who is able to join in a conversation about sailing and golf, about the stock exchange, or about the real estate market? Or did you rather have a woman who knows how to speak Italian? That’s not a problem, we will find the perfect woman for you. After all, your wish is our challenge. It speaks for itself that we respect your privacy and handle everything with the necessary tact, bearing in mind your personal situation.  If you opt for ‘the Perfect Woman (for you)’, you opt for a personal service, tact, top-class and confidence.

Who is Tailormade Women?

‘The Perfect Man/Woman/Celebrity’ is led by Kathleen Callewaert from Gullegem near Kortrijk.  I have a daughter, a son  and a beautiful granddaughter… My preceding work experiences can all be found in the same branch: buying (international, too) and selling, styling and restyling. I’ve acquired an inestimable amount of insight into human character. I had my own designer clothes shop in Kortrijk, and specialised in advice and sale in companies. At the moment, I am the business manager of the dating service ‘Soulmate’ (www.soulmate4life.be), I guide people through coaching and organize smart events for singles. Styliste and Visagiste.  Just like many other people, I am very interested in everything that has something to do with spirituality. I have taken several courses in Belgium and abroad: Intuitional development, reiki, healing, energy courses of the 21st century, modern techniques of the 21st century, realisation of the self, psychology, relationship knowledge, Personal & Singlecoaching and relationship mediation (certified coach). I have been enrolled in the International School for Personal Structural Development. I practise yoga. Since I'm also dynamic and sports-loving, I keep fit by spinning and working out. I believe that a sound mind in a sound body is the foundation of a happy life.