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Do you wish to accompany a lady to functions, receptions, VIP evenings, etc? Please contact us by filling out the form below and sending it to us with a recent photograph.

We will contact you as soon as possible should you be selected.

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Do you have little time because of heavy professional activities to develop contacts outside your sector? “Tailormade Men” offers you a solution. This new service offers you an additional possibility to network in a great way. That way, you can enjoy an evening or day out in pleasant female company without having to make any preparations, without cost and without any subsequent obligations vis-à-vis the lady in question.

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In the event that you wish to be included in our "Tailormade Men" data base, you must clearly meet the following criteria:

You are between the ages of 25 and 65, successful in your work, well-educated and/or self-made man, generally well-versed and sociable, good IQ & EQ, charismatic, courteous, elegant and charming with ladies, communicative and appropriate good business clothing (suit and tie), good conversation partner with a good empathy, ability to listen, have a good knowledge of people and a self awareness, possess a presentable, representative and business car, pleasant, outgoing personality, with style and class, in possession of a (police) certificate of good character. If you recognize yourself in the above, please send us your details using the form below and we will make contact with you.

Upon approval of your profile, you will be contacted by telephone or by e-mail and a meeting arranged. There is a once-off registration fee € 155 (VAT inc) to be paid. That sum should be transferred, following the approval of your profile for the appointment, to account number 779-5903065-67. You will receive an invoice for said amount. If you are not self-employed, a file will be opened.

As a "Tailormade Man", you will be financially rewarded according to the number of hours involved. After accompanying a lady, you should forward an invoice so that the payment can be made.

The costs for the evening are to be supported by the lady. The added value of such an event for the gentleman is to have the possibility of networking and that opportunity at no cost to him to get out of the pressured working atmosphere in which he works and have new experiences.

We are very particular in our selection of Tailormade Men, but it is only by being so that we can be sure of being able to offer our clients companions who meet the highest standards in terms of style and class.