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Welcome to our database of high class selected “Perfect Ladies”.

Our online data base includes only a few of our selected ladies, as not all the ladies wish to make themselves known via our website. On these pages, you will find only those ladies who have given their permission for us to publish their details via the "The Perfect Man" website.

These well-educated, well-groomed ladies find it a delightful to accompany gentlemen and are able with their expertise to deal with any situation in which they find themselves.

Registrated ladies:

50 profielen gevonden.

Age: 50
Profession: Fin directeur
Filosophy: Het leven van een mens is wat zijn gedachten er van maken.
Hobbies: Fitness lezen reizen
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Age: 49
Profession: Adjunct-Directeur
Filosophy: Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning how to dance in the rain.
Hobbies: Film, lezen, reizen, life coaching, yoga
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Age: 50
Profession: vertaler
Filosophy: nooit opgeven
Hobbies: reizen, theater, muziek, boeken lezen, feesten met vrienden
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Age: 58
Profession: zelfstandige verpleegkundige
Filosophy: Genieten van het ieder moment. Ik probeer te leven zonder vooroordelen dat maakt mij rijker
Hobbies: Ik interesseer mij in heel veel dingen, van lekkere wijn tot afrikaanse kunst, van honden tot reizen in warme landen.
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Age: 57
Profession: Arts
Filosophy: Genieten van het leven.
Hobbies: Tuinieren, lezen, reizen, lopen
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